Feb 24, 2009

Get Beautiful on the Cheap

So I want to let you all in on a little secret. I make my own facial scrub, and it's way better than the stuff at the drug store that tends to parch my skin. I found a facial scrub recipe in a book years ago but found that all of the required oils were quite expensive, so I stripped it down to two basic ingredients -- brown sugar and grapeseed oil.

You can find the grapeseed oil at a health food store or order it online. I've never mixed large batches of the stuff. I tend to make just enough for every use. This is my super simple recipe.

1 Tbs brown sugar
3-4 drops grapeseed oil
Mix the two with fingers in a small bowl. Wet face, and smear on scrub. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy the effects of glowing, soft and moisturized skin.

Not only is it simple and effective, it's also super inexpensive.

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