Feb 20, 2009

Colors Inspire Office Makeover

Love, love, love. My husband would die, die, die. So I'll refrain from hot pinks.

Since I got laid off from my job I've been obsessed with giving my home office, from which I'll be working from now on, a thrifty makeover. My home's color pallet is mostly subdued, save for the deep red kitchen and Sweet Tart aqua blue bathroom.

I wanted to paint my office this blue color but found another remedy for the blahs. Read on.

I'm a far more colorful personality than my house lets on. My office is a nice but drab shade of cream for god's sake! That's not me. What was I thinking?

I love the idea of a backyard shrine for the artful assemblage aspect.

So instead of repainting the office for the second time, as I'd intended, I am painting three colorful mandalas on the main wall of the room. The project cost $29 total. The mural will be revealed soon, but in the mean time I wanted to share in this post the colors that have been inspiring me for years.

Indian textile dyes


Jennifer said...

that teal room with green and orange accents is fabulous!

Tina said...

The first one soooo pretty! I would have the same problems though. I like your blog very much!

Katy said...

Those are indeed some great colors! I love brights. My ambition in life (well, one of them!) is to one day have one bright red wall in my house...preferably in a room my husband doesn't use too often, ha, since he's more of a muted-walls kind of guy.

I'll certainly swap links with you, sure!

ARTLIFE said...

love love love India! love love love these colors!! eeeeee